Online Bill Payment

You Can't Make Payments Here Anymore...

...And That's a Good Thing

Now Without Payment Processing Fees!

Making your payment online is now cheaper, quicker and easier than ever before.
Just follow these simple steps.

Sample Email Message

Step 1: Recieve Your Invoice

Invoices are now distributed via a hyperlink link included in your invoice notification email message.

To access your invoice, simply click on the link in the message. If you have difficulty doing this you, can copy and paste the link into your web browser's address bar.

Sample Invoice Page

Step 2: Click Pay Now

After clicking the link your invoice will be displayed. At the top of the invoice are two links: one to Download PDF, the other to Pay Now. Click on Pay Now to continue.

Paypal Webpage

Step 3: Submit Your Payment Details with PayPal

You can now use your PayPal account OR your credit card to make your payment. You do not need a PayPal account to submit a payment. Simply complete the form and click on Pay Now.

Step 4: Relax

Once your payment has been submitted, you will be returned to the invoice page with the payment amount applied to the bill.

You now have one less bill to worry about. Take a deep breath and relax.